Dear Scholar, on this page you will find useful documents regarding your internationalization actions (e.g. mobility, participation in Erasmus Projects). The page will be updated in a continuous manner

General Purpose

  • The Erasmus Policy Statement of HMU – please check
  • The HMU Broschure for the Academic Year 2020 – 21 – please check
  • Hellenic Meditteranean University FactSheet (2021) – please check
  • Hellenic Meditteranean University Offered Modules in English – please check them here
  • Hellenic Meditteranean University (HMU) and its internationalization actions presentation (last version 30/07/2021) – please check
  • Hellenic Meditteranean University Bilateral Agreements (Classical Mobility – within Program Countries KA103) (last version September 2021) – please check here
  • Hellenic Meditteranean University Agreements with Partner Countries (KA107) (last version September 2021)- please check here

Documents for your Mobility