Incoming Staff from Partner Countries (KA171 Call)


To apply for Teaching or Traineeship at HMU, please:

1. Contact your International Relations Office for available Mobilities, then ask for a Nomination Letter.
2. Apply online at Morpheus and upload the following:

  • Passport
  • Nomination Letter

Apply from an external provider.
Write your mail, and then you will receive a password.
Write your password, and you will enter the application.

After HMU approves your application on Morpheus, we will ask you to send the following documents before your arrival:

1) Mobility Agreement for Teaching [attached in the mail we will send you]. You must fill it in and sign it; the person in charge must also sign and stamp it.
2) Grant Agreement [attached in the mail we will send you]. This is to be filled in and signed by you. Also, it is to be signed and stamped by the person in charge.
3) VISA or Passport.
4) Bank Account: Copy the 1st page of your bank account in English where YOU are the 1st beneficiary (your Full Name/Bank Name/IBAN/SWIFT CODE must be clearly shown). If you cannot have a copy of your bank account, you must provide us with an official document signed by your bank in English where the full name, bank name, IBAN, and SWIFT CODE are clearly shown.
5) a) Detailed Insurance Coverage contract in ENGLISH.
Note: You must have adequate Insurance Coverage, as stated in ARTICLE 6 of the Grant Agreement. We strongly advise that you print ARTICLE 6 and give it to your insurance company to prepare proper insurance for your mobility, as required by the EU.
b) Declaration of Insurance Coverage by the Participant [attached], signed by you.
6) Copy of Ticket receipts/invoices AND Boarding passes.
7) Receipt of accommodation.

Note: Upon arrival at HMU, you must provide the International Relations Office with all the original Boarding Passes and Receipts/Invoices you used for your journey from your country to the HMU.

Please mind that for the ICM program CALL 2022 to be valid and for you to receive the total amount of the scholarship, you must stay at HMU for at least five (05) working days, as well as to arrive at least one day BEFORE the Teaching or Training and leave at least one day AFTER the Teaching or Training.

For clarifications, you may send an email to,

To print out the above instructions, please download the form here.