International Credit Mobility (ICM) projects aim to help individual participants acquire skills, to support their professional development, and deepen their understanding of cultures. They also aim to increase the capacities, attractiveness, and international dimension of the organizations taking part.

Participation in ICM will increase the international ties between HEIs and will give institutions the opportunity to increase their visibility at both local and global levels. Both incoming and outgoing students will be ready to share their positive experiences of studying at your institution. Participation in ICM will also have benefits for both your staff and students. Staff can acquire new competencies for their professional development, improve their language skills and learn about new teaching methods. Furthermore, a key finding of the Erasmus Impact Study is that taking part in Erasmus+ can boost a graduate’s employability and transversal skills. great impact on universities, both in the personal improvement of students and staff members, and to boost the employability of their graduates.

Hellenic Mediterranean University has in its mission: To promote cooperation with other Universities, Higher Education Institutions, and Research Centers in Europe and Worldwide. The mobility of students and staff members helps to build stronger Higher Education and Research in a country and in the realization of the European Higher Education and Research era.

The internationalization policy of the HMU is based on the following axes:

  • To import know-how and best practices in research & technology and education from technologically developed countries
  • To export know-how and best practices to developing countries
  • To promote relations based on countries being ‘good neighbors’ and countries with common historical and cultural heritage legacies.

The strategy of the internationalization of the HMU on the one hand moves in the direction of strengthening the cooperation with European universities within the Erasmus and the other research and operational programs and expanding its partnerships with universities in countries situated in our vicinity. So we are particularly looking for partner universities in the Western Balkans, East European Neighboring, and South Mediterranean Countries

The established collaborations of HMU within the framework of the ICM until 2022 are listed here. The status of incoming and outcoming mobilities can be seen here (September 2021)

For any inquiry regarding the opportunities to financial support your study, traineeship, your teaching or training mobility within the framework of the ICM please contact Ms. Eva Menegaki (