General Information

General Information

The International Relations Office (IRO) of the Hellenic Mediterranean University in close collaboration with the HMU Governance Bodies (Rector and Vice Rectors), determines HMU Internationalization Strategy. The latter involves our offered educational programs and the research implemenetd within HMU laboratories.

The HMU IRO office manages the mobilities of the University regarding the ongoing and outgoing students and staff with our Programme and Partner Countries Higher Educational Institutions. Moreover the IRO aims to offer any support is needed to the Erasmus Plus KA2 actions HMU staff plans to submit, already participates/or coordinates through proposal writing consulting, dissemination and sustainability actions.

This website is designed to inform the HMU community and beyond it about the Internationalization actions mainly on the frame of the Erasmus Project of the University. Also informs about the procedures to be followed in order to visit one of our Partner Universities or visit us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries, we will be extremely honored if we can help.

IRO Staff

Associate Professor Konstantinos Petridis, Director of the IRO
Dr. Konstantinos Petridis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering of the HMU. He has a Ph.D. in Laser Physics from the University of St-Andrews in the UK. His google scholar profile can be viewed here

Dr. Konstantinos Petridis has a long experience in coordinating Erasmus Projects since 2005. More particular has already coordinated (a) two LLP Curriculum Development Projects; (b) two Intensive Programs; (c) two Strategic Partnership projects; and (d) two Capacity Building Projects for Higher Education. He has also participated as a partner to more than ten other Erasmus projects. For his Erasmus actions, he has received distinctions from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) and from the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC).

Since the 1st of February 2020 is the new director of the IRO and he will feel more than happy to be contacted for any inquiry regards the office.

His contact details are the following:

Email: cpetridis[at]hmu[dot]gr

Tel.: +30 281 037 9174

Dr. Gareth Owens, Head of the IRO

Dr Gareth Owens, born 1964 in UK, studied at UCL, Classics and Ancient History and Archaeology, and for one year 1991-1992 was Lecturer in Linear B at UCL-ICS Institute of Classical Studies and Archaeology and was also awarded the “Michael Ventris Award”.  He was awarded a PhD in Linguistics by Athens University on the Structure and Nature of the Minoan Language in 2004, and since then has progressed with research on the Phaistos Disk and has collaborated, with amongst others, National Geographic, TEDX, and National Research Centre in Athens.
He is interested in all aspects of communication. Since 1994 he has been International Office at the Erasmus Office of the TEI of Crete and since 2008 has been Institutional Coordinator and is currently Head of the International Relations Office. Erasmus University Teacher, An introduction to the History of Crete&Hellas, Modern Greek (A1&2), Academic English (C1&2) Hellenic Mediterranean University, CRETE, Greece/Hellas. European Union ERASMUS+ Ambassador for Higher Education.

He is responsible for the incoming students and staff and also respoinsble for the HMU public relations.

His contact details are the following:

Email: ogareth[at]hmu[dot]gr

Tel.: +30 281 037 9312

Assistant Professor Kleio Koutra, Co-Academic Director

Full CV

Her contact details are the following:

Email: kkoutra[at]hmu[dot]gr

Tel.: +30 281 037 9243

Emeritus Professor Ioannis Kaliakatsos, Responsible for International Mobility

Emeritus Professor in Automation Control Systems. Professor Kaliakatsos was the ex. Academic Responsible for the International Relations Office of TEI of Crete. He has been awarded for his services to the Erasmus project as an academic Erasmus ambassador in 2018. He was one of the initiator of the Erasmus program in TEI of Crete.

His contact details are the following:

Email: giankal[at]hmu[dot]gr

Tel.: +30 282 102 3020

Mrs Gloria Vega, staff of the IRO

Mrs Gloria Vega she is a social worker graduated from the University of Southampton, UK.

Gloria she is an actual social worker and she provides supervision in workplacements are implemented on the frame of the Erasmus and in the field of social work

Gloria is responsible for the outgoing students and staff on the frame of the classical and international mobility actions

Her contact details are the following:

Email: vega[at]hmu[dot]gr

Tel.: +30 281 037 9389

Mrs. Georgia Alexaki, Financial Administrator of the IRO (and inclusion officer)

She has experience as an assistant accountant in private sector accounting offices, then she changed field for a year and worked as a teacher in Secondary Education, and for 20 years until now she is employed by H.M.U.  as administration staff to support European projects Management.

In specific initially at Elective Studies Program (ESP) “Energy and Environmental Technology”, and then at Technology Research Center (TCR), later at Employment and Career Structure (ECS), the purpose of ECS is to link the students with labor market, currently at the International Relations Office of H.M.U. as administrative staff to support students and accounting management.

In parallel, she has very good experience as a consultant in economic studies for investments in Renewable Energy Sector.

Currently, she is the financial administrator of the IRO and has the following duties:

  • Provide information regarding the work placement on abroad
  • Managing the payments of the studentships of the HMU students & staff on the frame of work placement and mobility (staff and students)
  • Administration duties regarding the mobilities of students with fewer opportunities.

Her contact details are the following:

Email: galexaki[at]hmu[dot]gr

Telephone: +30 281 037 9839

Mrs Eva Menegaki, Dissemination and Administration Support of the IRO

Eva has a BSc degree in Social Sciencies from the University of Crete. She is a holder of a postgraduate degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of Birbeck College in London

Her assigned duties in the IRO are the following:

  • Provide support towards the dissemination actions of the IRO
  • Provide Administratiuon Support on the frame of the International Mobility Actions (mobilities with Partner Country Institutions)

Her contact details are the following:

Email: menegaki_eva[at]hotmail[dot]com

Telephone: +30 281 037 9132

George Triantafyllou, MSc, PhD

George Triantafyllou holds a PhD degree with honors, from the Business Administration department of the University of the Aegean. His researching fields is wine marketing, wine tourism, food & beverage management, food digital marketing.

He has graduated from the Advanced School of Tourism Professions of Rhodes (with honors-excellence), from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management (with excellence), from the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education -ASPETE (with excellence)

He teaches at the Hellenic Mediterranean University in Crete at the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Total Quality Management, Food & Beverage management, Alternative forms of tourism, Tourist destination management.

Email: triantafyllou[at]hmu[dot]com

Mr Bolanakis Emm Nikolaos, Website Administrator & IT Support of the IRO

Bolanakis Emm. Nikolaos is a Ph.D. candidate at the Hellenic Mediterranean University. He is a natural resources and environmental engineer with a master’s in the teaching of informatics. He received his degree from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete in 2014, from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering and his Master’s degree from the Department of Information and Communication Systems of the Aegean University in 2018. From 2006 until today he is a member of the Design and Manufacturing Laboratory, Electronics Engineer’s Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University. From 2015 until today she has a teaching contract at the Mediterranean University and he teaches AutoCAD and IT courses. All these years he was involved in research activities in the field of digitization of cultural heritage. He also has publications at national conferences in the field of education and cultural heritage. His research interests are the digitization of cultural heritage, reverse engineering, 3D modeling, 3D printing, new 3D printing materials, robotics, and programming.

His contact details are the following:

Email: bolanakis[at]hmu[dot]com

Telephone: +30 282 102 3045