The activities in EVE IMPACT continue: on the 11th of January at 1500 CET, we invited Professor Sayfan Borghini to speak with us about sensemaking. The lecture is appropriate for PhD students and researchers.
Sensemaking, in its most simple definition, relates to how we make sense of the world to act in it. It is at the basis of any decision-making process, especially in complex and ambiguous situations, but also and most notably at the basis of the ability of individuals and teams for purpose and realization, to self-organize one’s mind towards performing new and adapting tasks.
In this context, the paradigm of complexity provides an interesting frame to approach the multiple challenges of ‘making sense together’. This is one of the critical multidisciplinary skills academic studies can provide to students beyond their disciplinary expertise.
The lecture will introduce the main points and concepts of Complexity Thinking, and weave them with the applied experience of several tools belonging to sensemaking and design thinking – tools such as gigamaps, narratives, and the cynefin framework. We will examine how they can be deployed to develop students’ research projects.

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