Staff mobility can be carried out from any Programme Country to any other Programme or any Partner Country. The mobility activity has to be related to the staff’s professional development and to address their learning and personal.  needs

This page refers to the process for HMU staff to apply for a training period mobility. A training period abroad can take place in a partner higher education institution, enterprise, or any other relevant workplace. The training period abroad enables any staff at a higher education institution to take part in a training activity abroad that is relevant to their day-to-day work at a higher education institution. It may take the form of training events or job shadowing.

For training mobility, there is no requirement for the existence of a bilateral agreement between the HMU and the partner Institution.

General Guidelines

  • The receiving organization must be: (a) a Programme Country HEI awarded with ECHE, or a Partner Country HEI recognized by competent authorities that have signed inter-institutional agreements with HMU; (b) any Programme or Partner Country public or private organization active in the labor market or in the fields of education, training, youth, research, and innovation.
  • The training period can extend from two days to two months, excluding travel time. In the case of mobility from Programme to Partner Countries, the duration must be from 5 days to 2 months. In both cases, the minimum days must be consecutive.
  • A Teaching or training mobility can take place in more than one receiving organization in the same country while being considered as one teaching or training period with the minimum duration of staying applying
  • HMU staff (permanent or under contract) can apply for training mobility. HMU staff includes: scholars, technical & administrative staff
  • The process to apply for training mobility should start at least one month prior to the start date of the mobility

The Process to apply (with the ordering the following steps are depicted)

Before your Mobility starts

Step #1: There are two options to implement staff training mobility: (a) Participate in a Staff Training Week (please check it here); (b) Visit a colleague or collaborator of yours with similar expertise in a University or a Company

Step#2: Please communicate with Ms. Gloria Vega on +302810379389, to get informed of the available funding support regarding your mobility

Step #3: Ask for an Invitation Letter from the Host Institution. Then fill out the Mobility Agreement and send it signed to the Host Institution’s International Relations Office

Step #4:  Make an application to at least one month prior to the start date of your mobility. Be aware that your mobility should have been completed by the 20th of September of each academic semester. In case you belong to the permanent HMU staff in addition to the e-forms application, another application should be made to request permission from the Administration. This can be done here. Be careful that you cannot issue any invoice e.g. flight invoice before you receive the official document that certifies the permission of your mobility.

Step #5: Complete the contract with the National Agency, and submit it together with the Mobility agreement, flight ticket’s invoice to the HMU International Relations Office. 

After your Mobility completes 

Within one month after the end date of your mobility, please secure the submission of the following documents to the HMU International Office: 

Step #1:  Your flight or/and boat or/and train tickets 

Step #2: Your boarding passes

Step #3: Your accommodation’s invoice e.g. hotel invoice

Step #4: The certification form (signed by the responsible staff in the Host Institution) that certifies the date and the departure dates to and from the Host Institution

Step #5: Complete the satisfaction questionnaire regarding your mobility experience. The questionnaire will be received from this email address: 

Step #6: Complete your travel report and please send it to Ms. Gloria Vega (

How to calculate the received financial support regarding your mobility for training 

Please check the guidelines provided here

Selection Criteria 

Please check the guidelines provided here